Monday, May 21, 2012

Goodbye peeptoes, see you in spring

Today I'm saying a figurative goodbye to my toes as I expect this will be the last time I'll be able to wear open shoes until at least September. Technically, I should have not gone for today's last hurrah because it's so damn cold outside (6 degrees!) that I feared getting frostbite on the way from the car to the office.

The upside is that it will be a dry and lovely sunny day expected to top at a perfectly open-toe-shoe-acceptable 17 degrees. So my approach is early morning pain for day long gain of wearing my glorious favourite shoes one more time before winter sets in properly.

The cardigan is a funny one. It's made of a sublime fine gauge merino wool and is a cropped man style with cute little pockets. However, until I stitched on the clusters of beads, I was never pleased with it. I was always too cropped, the sleeves too long, the pockets too 'bitsy'. Funny how the beads change none of those qualities but, for some reason, turned into a never worn piece into a versatile warmer - all thanks to $5 of beads. Bonus!

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