Thursday, April 05, 2012

Pink Apricot Coral jeans and my favourite shoes

Not counting sneakers, these are my favourite shoes. I bought them a couple years ago to wear to a race at the Melbourne Spring Racing Festival. It was my first time attending with a very exclusive invite to the totally VIP 'Birdcage' area of the Flemington racecourse and I wanted to spice up my outfit.

Because they're not so traditional, I expected my husband to give me the line he uses when he doesn't like something but doesn't want to offend: "As long as you like them, that's all that matters." Truth is he loved them; not just him but practically every man and woman that has laid eyes on them. I've never had a piece of clothing, shoe, handbag, whatever, elicit compliments from strangers like these shoes.

Now let me write a bit about these posts of mine this past week. It's probably obvious that I've been reading a few style blogs. I am fascinated by the interminably stylish ladies that document their outfits each day. 

Getting dressed to have your photo taken is no mean feat and that's partly why I've stuck to vignettes as opposed to a full shot because were you to see me head to toe, it would look like I went to the least possible effort compared to other style bloggers. 

Take today's outfit as an example, I could have easily added a belt, a stack of bracelets, a scarf and some sunglasses to complete the look. Instead I left the belt off because the top covers the pants, I ran out of time to stack on some bracelets and I left my sunglasses in the car. See?

The other thing style bloggers do is give you the brands of their clothes and links to where you can buy them. I rarely wear anything that's in season so I can't link you to any place where you can buy it. Also, I mix a lot of cheap and expensive clothing so I'd look like a complete amateur alongside the others. 

Check it out for today: Blazer & tank top - Country Road; Jeans - KMart (!!); Shoes - Nine West; Neckpiece - Diva.

I mean who would want to know that?

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