Saturday, April 14, 2012

Orange and yellow suede shoes: My craziest pair ever

Holy crazy heels Batman!

These shoes and I have a relatively short but fraught history. They were an online purchase over Christmas and I was ridiculously excited for their delivery until life intervened a few days later and the loss of a dear uncle of mine made them completely insignificant.

Weeks after their arrival, I finally opened the delivery box and they were even more fabulous than I remembered them. Except they didn't fit. To be precise, wearing these shoes felt like I put my feet in a vice and squeezed. I was in so much pain that not even the bright orange and yellow suede made up for it.

Making matters worse, they don't have an adjustable design, like a buckle or an elastic section, so the only option was for me to wear them in. I tried wearing them to the office one day when I didn't have to walk further than my desk and the kitchen, and barely lasted the 300 metre walk from the carpark into the building. It was clear this breaking in period was going to be long and fraught.

After weeks of wearing them at home, with socks while vacuuming and doing other random household chores (you should have seen me in pyjamas and rubber gloves cleaning the shower screen while wearing these - hilarious), I decided to turn to the expert - Google - for ideas on DIY shoe stretching.

The first suggestion was odd but somewhat effective: put a zip lock bag half filled with water in the tight part of the shoe and freeze. Naturally, I forgot about the shoes and they sat in the freezer for three days; I now know suede is not affected by sub zero temperatures. Handy knowledge!

The other solution was to heat them with the hairdryer and manually stretch the shoe. This worked a dream and I wore them for over 12 hours yesterday reassuring me that after a tetchy start, and barring any sprained ankles from the vertiginous heels and platforms, we will have a long life together as shoe and wearer.

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