Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New lace skirt for the post holiday slump

All is not as it seems. This week has all the same days as last week but it's different because I'm not on holidays. Similarly, this skirt looks like a lace skirt when it's really a flocked applique of a lace pattern over a net skirt.

Obviously, one is good and the fact that I'm not on holidays this week is bad but at least I had this lovely new skirt to debut on my first day back behind the desk.

Normally I'm not good at holding on to new clothes until the weather is appropriate but I managed to contain myself and leave this skirt in the closet for three weeks, which must be some kind of record for me.

The shoes are one of my favourite pairs (but not my absolute favourites). Not only are they a perfect shade of red that goes with practically every other colour, they are terribly comfortable, very chic with the pointy toe and slingback, but they only cost me $29. Yes, a lovely pair of leather shoes from Nine West, in my size, for almost no dollars. All hail the miracle stilettos!

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