Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dressing for cold: the post-Easter temperature slump

Wow, the temperatures in Southeast Australia dropped alarmingly this week - I went from wearing shorts, a tank top and double layers of sunscreen, to opaque pantyhose, an undershirt and knee high boots in the space of a day. A day!

The upside of this cold snap is that I can wear some of the new autumn pieces of clothing that have been waiting in my closet for a debut. Like this petrol blue dress, which I tried wearing with bare legs and some nude sandals a few weeks ago and just didn't work in the same way it does with opaques and boots: floaty up top, solid down low.

My phone kept messing with the colour of the dress and the picture at bottom left is the closest representation of its real tone. This is the second blue-toned dress I bought in the past year and it caused me to reflect on how long it had been since I wore shades of blue that weren't denim. The answer is years, almost ten in fact.

It also made me think about the varying cycles of fashion and how alongside the trends with almost impossibly short turnarounds (e.g. mustard and neon colours, peplums (wait for it...they'll be over soon, no one likes wearing extra bulk at the waist and hips) and pink hair tips) there are the longer cycles of base colours and tailoring that take much longer periods to come around but also stay relevant beyond a single season.

For me the colour blue is one of these long 'wavelength' fashions that is making a welcome resurgence and I expect that my strictly summer blue dress and this solidly autumnal one will be making more appearances in a year's time. 

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