Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Dressed to kill

So remember how I was told I looked like a schoolteacher yesterday? Well apparently today my outfit makes me look like I should be on stage with KISS. Yes, these compliments are getting more obscure and I'm starting to wonder if they're actually thinly veiled objections to my daily fashion choices.

OK, I'll admit that my dress is rather theatrical and it has a cape-like feature - actually it's more like wings. You know those flying suits that daredevils wear that gives them a membrane of fabric under the arms to form a flying manta ray shape? It sort of looks like that. (Now that I write it out that doesn't sound very nice but trust me, it's awesome.)

I know it wasn't the dress that earned me the 'compliment', it was my shoes. It's a universally acknowledged fact (don't quote me on this) that men hate wedge heels as much as women love them. Like short hair on grown women, waistcoats and nude lipstick, it's one of those conundrums of modern life - we think they're great, guys hate them.

Not that I have anything against KISS, I love them. In fact, ever since I received that compliment their song C'Mon and Love Me has been doing double duty in my head.

Little did my early morning comment-maker know that given the choice, I would much rather be on stage rocking out to KISS than sitting in an office. It certainly has given me something to daydream about, that's for sure.

Rock out with your capes out people!

She's a dancer, a romancer.
I'm a Capricorn and she's a Cancer.
She saw my picture in a music magazine.
When she met me, said she'd get me.
Touched her hips and told me that she'd let me.
I took her hand, baby this is what I said.

KISS, C'Mon and Love Me, Dressed to Kill 1975

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