Friday, April 13, 2012

Cream silk tunic: Dirt magnet

This tunic-slash-dress has an interesting story.

I first spotted it on a woman who happened to cross my path when I was out shopping one day - she was wearing it with dark pantyhose, flat knee high boots, a blazer and a scarf. She was walking out of Country Road and as she had a name tag pinned to her jacket, I guessed she worked in the store and promptly walked in and bought it. Just like that. Full price, no wait, no trying it on, just give it to me now. That was completely against my nature because most of the time I carry a piece around in my head for weeks, imagining how it will work with the rest of my wardrobe, before I commit to buying it.

Even the fact that it's cream and silk didn't deter me and I really should have paid more attention to that particular detail because this dress is a constant preoccupation.

Take the first time ever that I wore it out in public: I went out to dinner and spilled red wine on it with my very first sip. Since then, any time I feel like wearing this dress I have to check my schedule to make sure it doesn't involve red wine, slurpy soups, rainy weather, park benches, children or animals. Oh and I also have to make sure I put my make up on and thoroughly wash my hands before getting dressed because I have previously dropped an eyeliner pencil and a lipstick while putting on my make up and had them land colour side down on the dress.

It's just as well I like this dress so much because the consequences of having to wash it every time I wear it, and walking around pushing people and objects away from me all day sure is a pain in my cream silk covered butt.

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