Sunday, March 04, 2012

Shoes, incoming

Obviously I'm on a roll because I have bought three pairs of shoes in the last six weeks. Oh, now that I'm seeing it typed out like that on screen, it seems a bit much doesn't it? Do I feel guilty about it? Hell no! In a perfect world, these would just be three more pairs in my journey to infinity.


The only thing that slightly worries me about the purchases is that they're all quite high in the heel stakes. I keep remembering my mum's plight of dealing with shortened calf muscles as a result of wearing high heels too often and don't want to end up with that discomfort.

Actually, while I'm on the subject of discomfort, I've also recently realised that super high shoes are quite tricky to wear on downhill slopes. I can manage them well on uphill pavements, up and down stairs and even vacuuming the house (that's how I break them in OK?), but put me on a downhill slope and I struggle big time.

Of course, mechanics wouldn't be a problem if I wore flat shoes but until manufacturers start making nice flat shoes that don't have bows, flowers, pom poms, tassels and other sundry decorations attached I will keep putting my calves at peril with these high heeled beauties.

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Looking Glass said...

Why hello there! Thanks for finding my blog & leaving a lovely comment :-)

I adore my Miss Soleil's!! They always look so damn rockin. I agree though, I have troubles walking downhill in them - guilty! Hahaha!

~ Clare x