Tuesday, March 06, 2012

One song can change everything

While a search of this blog will reveal only one post containing a mention of the Arctic Monkeys, the reality is they're one of my favourite bands. I have lapped up all they have offered in the last 10 years, including side projects, with great enthusiasm and satisfaction.

There's something about their youthful energy, rambling guitars, post punk lyrics that really floats my boat (even though, demographically speaking, there's obviously a chasm between the band and me as evidenced by my use of "float my boat" in a sentence, where the hell did that come from?)

In the past days, and completely unexpectedly from what I can gather, they released a new song that encapsulates everything I love about this band: it's fresh, different from what came before but still carries an Arctic Monkeys hallmark, and it rocks.

Image via The Overshare

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