Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Melbourne Bayside, 7pm

Let’s talk about grief. It’s a hell of a sentiment: all-consuming, unpredictable, distracting and downright exhausting. It’s never the same. It can set in early or late, be felt all the time or ebb and flow, it can be a gentle sadness or a violent despair.

You find yourself coming up out of it sometimes and look to do something fun and familiar (like take a photo and blog about it), and then grief pops up and you feel like maybe it’s not yet the right time to be frivolous.

The truth is there is no right time – maybe now is the right time because I’m here writing this, but who knows if I’ll be back tomorrow? (I hope so.)

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Mum said...

With your strength, I´m sure you´ll be back.Lots of love.