Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lyrics 2 live by

Have you heard about Pinterest? It seems everybody has and I have been spending quite a lot of time scrolling in casual interest lately. I'm fascinated by what people 'pin' on their boards and whether they ever actually buy that dress, bake that cake, travel to that exotic location, lose that weight, or make that craft.

Apparently it's one of the world's biggest referral sources for online businesses so I expect it will change and evolve from love poems and fitness tips to corporate marketing and sale specials.

Personally, I haven't quite got it figured out yet so I haven't pinned anything anywhere but came awfully close when I saw this image and clicked through to the originating Tumblr site.
Yes, yes, it's a Kings of Leon lyric, big surprise there that I should like it... Half an hour later and I'm playing a game of Guess the Song with my husband and having a great old time thanks to this new discovery.

If you're a regular here you know how I love me some music and lyrics. Lyrics2LiveBy has some great lyrics presented in a beautiful way - so beautiful that I could see myself printing a couple of these out on some amazing cardstock and pinning them to my real walls in my real house.

Here are two more that I liked: Jay-Z because I'm currently obsessed with the man's music, and Van Halen because they're legendary legends.

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