Thursday, December 01, 2011

Writing the story of your life

It’s an unfortunate part of growing up that we tend to lose the carefree confidence we once had as youngsters and even young adults.

In my early twenties, I was offered a job with massive responsibility – I accepted without hesitation.

Fast forward many years and I’m in a similar situation (almost identical actually) and I have spent weeks deliberating what to do. Will I be good at this job? Will my team hate me? What if I fail?

At 23, I asked myself none of those questions yet today, with all the experience, confidence and self awareness that comes with the passing of time, my ability to doubt myself is unsettling.

So, remembering that many years ago I would not have thought twice about this I decided to leave the questions behind and just jump into it. All the bad things might happen, but then there’s a chance that many, many great things will happen too, even if it’s only teaching my spirit to turn back time.

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Jacky said...

When the bull runs towards you, you take by the hornes. There is no other way. Good luck darling.