Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas baking 2011

In what is no doubt welcome news for my friends, my Christmas-related baking endeavours this year were much more successful (i.e. less salty) than last year.

First up were the Martha Stewart chocolate sugar cookies, which were easy to make except for the part where I decided to use a reindeer cookie cutter that is possibly the most intricate cookie cutter on the face of the earth. Also not helping the situation was the fact that I waited for a hot day to make cookies that are essentially 50% butter, so I could scarcely get three freaking reindeers out of a piece of dough before it was so soft it clogged the cutter. They're cute but fussy and not the most practical Christmas undertaking when you live in the southern hemisphere.

Can you see my iPad on my kitchen bench? It's one of the best kitchen accessories ever, especially when combined with the Paprika recipe app. It's exactly like my old folder full of magazine recipe tear outs, except for the folder...and the tear outs... Oh well, it's ace anyway.

After the reindeers, I needed a drink so I had some of the apple cider that was sitting in my fridge waiting for me to try making some caramels - consequently, only a small batch got made. The process certainly wasn't quick, but it was easy and all the boiling of substances on the stove top helped increase the temperature of my house even further because the cookie baking didn't make it hot enough.

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