Thursday, December 22, 2011

Black Hole Sun

Wow, there are two days until Christmas and I'm looking everywhere to see where the year went.

This was one hell of a year for me, sort of dyslexic...mixed up, although as I sit here on 22 December I'm happy - and a little glad - to say there were more ups than downs. With the very welcome exception of my health, every part of me was tested this year. I think much of 2012 might pass before I can clearly look back on 2011 and understand it completely although ultimately it feels like it was all for a good reason, which is all we can ask of life really, isn't it?

Unless something  supernatural happens this afternoon, this will be my last bird's-eye-view-of-Melbourne photo for the year and isn't it glorious?

I chose the title 'Black Hole Sun' for this post not just because it matches the picture so well but also because I took it on the day I bought tickets to a very special concert that will take place next year.

About 15 years years ago, I went to see Soundgarden in concert in Sydney and although it was unknown to everyone at the time, the band broke up soon after and that was it. No more. The concert still rates in my Top 5: it was hot, it was heavy and it was so loud that I credit some of my present day tinnitus to that very night.

Thanks to whatever forces brought them back together, Soundgarden is playing together in Melbourne next year and the prospect is just as thrilling as it was back then, but I hope the hearing damage is not as severe because I don't think my 15-years-older ears can take the abuse any more.

In my shoes,
a walking sleep.
And my youth
I pray to keep.
Heaven send Hell away,
no one
sings like you anymore.
Black hole sun,
won't you come,
and wash away the rain?

Soundgarden, 'Black Hole Sun', Superunknown, 1994

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