Monday, November 07, 2011

Yoghurt Pecan Smoothie

It may not be readily apparent from the photo but what you see here is a recipe for extreme deliciousness in a glass.

One of the first things I do when I arrive in a foreign land (makes me sound so exotic...) is to go check out the local supermarket or food store. Among the many surprising discoveries I made while in Mexico was that they are a people who are obsessed with yoghurt. Obsessed!

The variety of flavours, textures and consistencies available in even the smallest supermarket is mind boggling and Mexico went straight to the top of my list of 'Best Yoghurt Nation', easily surpassing the USA and Portugal. Within the wider yoghurt category, they go nuts on drinking yoghurt with TV commercials, billboards and seemingly countless choices - it's a happening 'scene' over there.

Anyway, my favourite of the lot was from a brand called Lala and it was basically a vanilla yoghurt smoothie with pecans and cereal. Sweet, nutty, tangy all at once. Get. Out. Of. Town.

So now that I'm back in the land of reverse plenty (seriously Australia, we need to talk...choice is not a dirty word) I'm trying my best to replicate the same pecan smoothie nirvana to somewhat pleasing results.

Yoghurt Pecan Smoothie
Equal parts vanilla yoghurt and your favourite milk
Handful of pecans
Handful of oat bran or wheat bran
Squeeze of honey
Dash of vanilla extract if using natural yoghurt

Blend for a minute or so until the nuts are totally incorporated.


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