Monday, November 21, 2011

A slightly different view for you

You may have notice a little change around here.

Over the past couple of weekends I've been researching many, many lovely blogs and drawing inspiration from people that just do this caper so well. The result was threefold:

  • I realised that I neither do this well nor regularly, so it's a C-minus for me on that and a "must try harder" note from teacher.
  • Looking at all those lovely blogs made mine seem very flat and one dimensional - so I added pages to group some of the topic I write about regularly.
  • I came across a new manicure courtesy of Emily at cupcakes and cashmere (obviously, I get easily distracted so this is not blog related but it's so cute!)

In addition to trying out new nail colours, I will continue to make small changes to the site in the coming days just to keep it looking as fresh as my manicure.

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