Thursday, August 04, 2011

In search of a restorative mid-winter break

Having just about had enough with Melbourne's bone-chilling winter, a mid-winter break in warm and sunny Palm Cove, Queensland beckoned. While the warm and sunny aspects of the trip rarely materialised, it still proved to be memorable as I marked three firsts, all watersports-related: snorkelling, white water rafting and sea kayaking. Wow right?

Here are some shots and possibly the world's shortest travel story.

The Reef House resort was gorgeous and full of history although the pools were too cold for anyone over the age of eight.

The township of Palm Cove was just as gorgeous as the resort. I kayaked a return trip to the island in the photo above left and walked almost the complete length of the beach in the photo above right. Phew!

The reason people head to Palm Cove and Cairns is to see the Great Barrier Reef. Lucky for me, the wind that prevented me from seeing this beautiful coral while snorkelling died down just as I headed to the boat for my return to the mainland and I was able to see the reef for two minutes.

And speaking of wind...I spent five days alternating between holding on to my hat and chasing it down the beach.

The most important thing, above all, was that massive fun was had and life experiences amassed - couldn't ask for more.

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