Friday, August 12, 2011

8am Melbourne CBD

She never mentions the word addiction
in certain company.
Yes, she'll tell you she's an orphan,
after you meet her family.

She paints her eyes as black as night now,
pulls those shades down tight.
Yes, she gives a smile when the pain comes,
the pain's gonna make everything alright.

Says, she talks to angels,
they call her out by her name.
Oh yeah, she talks to angels,
says they call her out by her name.

She keeps a lock of hair in her pocket,
she wears a cross around her neck.
Yes, the hair is from a little boy,
and the cross is someone she has not met, not yet.

She don't know no lover,
none that I ever seen;
and to her that ain't nothing
but to me, it means, means everything.

The Black Crowes, 'She Talks to Angels', Shake Your Money Maker 1990

I don't normally post so much of a song's lyrics but this one deserves an exception. Yes, it's dark, somewhat depressing and a bit confronting, but it's beautiful - a dark kind of beautiful.

It's not indicative of anything other than being one of my favourite songs of all time; one that I have been listening to for 21 years (my goodness, that number just made my head spin, surely I'm not old enough to have had favourite music for 21 years?)

As with most of my favourite songs it has a story. My best friend and I went to see the Black Crowes in concert many years ago. We got there early and were right in front of the stage, which was awesome, and hot, and sweaty. Unfortunately, the night ended with my friend being dragged out by security when she was at risk of passing out from being pressed against a metal barrier for two hours. I wore my hair long and curly at the time and after the concert, as I walked around the venue looking for my friend, I realised my full head of hair was turned into a single, fat dreadlock from the friction of the people pressing up against my back.

In the end no one got hurt, the dreadlock washed out in the shower and I have a fond memory, fun story and lifelong love affair with this song as a result.

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