Friday, July 08, 2011

Red pant update

Earlier this year, during a long awaited visit to the new Zara store in Sydney, a pair of red pants caught my eye but they didn't have them in my size. Never mind, I thought at the time, I'll get a pair once Zara opens its Melbourne store. Right?

Wrong. They no longer stock the cigarette pants in this lovely skinny red. Boo.

But they do stock them in this super cute, turned up hem, just the way I like it, green. And I'm rocking them today with black suede booties and a plain wool sweater (because it's like 10 degrees outside).

My delightful prime sartorialist consultant-slash-husband thought I'd started buying my Christmas outfit until he realised it's only July and I'm never that organised so they must be for real.

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Dan Michael said...

I've been pining over a pair of Superdry jeans in the exact same green. Maybe I should get them and we could rock them together with my new KOL concert t-shirt on the next rock t-shirt Friday?