Thursday, July 14, 2011

Every sole needs a little love

My shoe budget might not be the biggest and no museums have come calling for my collection, but it's rare that you'll find me walking around without a heel cap, with busted straps or scuffed leather.

As a shoe enthusiast (I could say, lover, but that would be too dramatic) I like to take care of my shoes and keep them looking decent, which is why I enjoyed reading this NY Times piece with tips from a legendary New York shoe repair, Leather Spa.

One of my go to tips is to line a rubber sole over the leather of my brand new ballet flats and the folks at Leather Spa certainly endorse this. I buy my ballerinas from Country Road (not Louboutin unfortunately) and at $90 they're all leather - sole, lining and outer. That's great value though given they're so comfortable, I find they can wear through the sole in just six months if I've only got one pair on rotation. A $20 rubber sole will guarantee you a couple of years if you're kind to the leather on top and you'll get better traction too. It's a win-win.

Anyway, often it's the simplest tips and smallest efforts that contribute to an overall look so here's to shiny shoes and sturdy soles.

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