Monday, June 27, 2011

Rock'n'roll postcard from Edinburgh

I mean really...some people just get all the kicks, right?

If you had asked me what's the best way to start a Monday morning - one where you have to get up before the sun, in the middle of winter, when the thermometer can't even give you a half dozen degrees - I wouldn't nominate having a friend send me a photo of the Kings of Leon concert happening right now in Scotland.

Beep beep...I'm rocking out at Murrayfields Stadium in Edinburgh
Beep beep...I'm watching KOL
Beep beep...Drinking gin and tonics
Beep beep...oh and it's 9:30pm and still daylight
Beep beep...What's work?

Cheers you to RocketDogBulldozer man, enjoy every second. I'm listening to them on my iPod to compensate.

It's in the water...
It's in the story
It's where you came from
The sons and daughters
In all their glory
It's gonna shape them
And when they clash
And come together
And start rising
Just drink the water
Where you came from...

Kings of Leon, 'Radioactive', Come Around Sundown 2010

1 comment:

Dan Michael said...

cheers to you cute when frustrated, wish you were here to rock out with me =)