Thursday, May 19, 2011

Winter style; cold ankles

My ankles are in for a rough trot this winter. I know this because my last three trouser purchases are hemmed above the ankle.

I have long been against capri pants and I still am; they do no one any favours unless you consider it a good thing when pants make you look stumpy. Mine fall more at a 7/8th length, which actually helps thin your ankles and stays out of the way of your pretty shoes.

I blame Balmain.

And Isabel Marant.

How cute are the pants on the left with the sweater? My version involves a non-sequinned pair of grey pants (such a shame I work in an office) with a boxy navy sweater and a pair of red sling back heels with pointy toes.

Also, I've found that after a while your ankles don't feel the cold anymore. Lower leg hypothermia anyone? Totally worth it.


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