Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm back, I'm back!

Holy Moly, I've had almost a month away without blogging, that's crazy stuff.

I have a great reason though, I was travelling through the wilds of the Northern Territory fishing and hunting crocodiles. Just kidding, although I did see a couple of crocs and ate lots of yummy fish - Barramundi to be precise. The heat was oppressive at times and I often felt like I would fry to a cinder if I stood in the sun for any length of time. However, nothing could take away from the beauty of this part of the world that includes Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks and the gorgeous Katherine Gorge.

Here are some photos from the trip - proof that I haven't simply abandoned this humble project of mine - that show some of the wonders of northern Australia, including ancient Aboriginal cave paintings and breathtaking gorges. The highlights were the incredible waterfalls and that's because we swam in the waterholes at the bottom of the falls.

They say it's the experiences you have in life that carry through the years, more so than the material possessions and whoever 'they' are that said that, they're right because swimming underneath a massive waterfall is something that I'll never get over.

And finally, the sunsets - oh my goodness the sunsets. Lilac, orange, red, blue...exclamation point amazing!

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