Monday, April 18, 2011

The spaces between

Lately I have noticed that certain things about me are changing as I grow older. To be fair, it's likely that this is attributable to general changes a person goes through over the years as opposed to the actual aging process, but it nonetheless triggered some self reflection.

For example, my range of taste has expanded considerably and I now appreciate blue cheese, anchovies, capers and plain yoghurt. There's no way that any of these foods would have crossed my plate twenty years ago but I love them all dearly now.

It's a similar story with hand holding. My view was always that it was somewhat constricting and I liked being able to swing my arms in step with my footfall, not someone else's. Even as a teenager, when hand holding is traditionally at its highest, I was never really keen on it.

Now however, it seems to be growing on me and I can see how it's a really sweet thing to do - my favourite is falling asleep while holding hands...

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