Monday, April 04, 2011

Custom made coat rack


A couple of new additions were made to my hallway in the past week as I slowly but surely hang pictures, mirrors and other things on my hereto pristine walls. It's now two years since the house was finished and I would have expected my aversion to putting holes in the plaster to have abated but that doesn't seem to be the case as I winced while the two pieces above were installed.

The beautiful things about this mirror and the coat rack is that they're custom made by my clever husband (he also built the house - I know, it's awesome). The coat rack is made of left over pieces of the hardwood we used for our floors, which makes for a nice complimentary effect with the long stretch of hallway. Over the years he has made variety of pieces that we have carried from home to home and we have managed to make it fit the different spaces; for example, the mirror has been with us in six different houses so far and it's looked amazing in every one.

Anyway, no sooner was the rack hung than the baseball cap rivalry resumed - Yankees versus Cubs, always.

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