Thursday, April 07, 2011

7am, South Yarra, Melbourne

Alright, already the show goes on all night,
till the morning we dream so long;
anybody ever wonder,
when they would see the sun up,
just remember when you come up,
the show goes on.

Lupe Fiasco, 'The Show Goes On', Lasers 2011

You know it's a beautiful morning in Melbourne when the hot air balloons are out over the city. To me they always look like alien space ships hovering above the traffic, joggers, walkers and commuters. I especially like when they float low so you can almost see the faces of the people travelling in the basket.

I'm not one for heights and I prefer the security of complicated technology keeping me in the air when I fly, so ballooning is not for me, although I can imagine how amazing an experience it must be. It would feel terrific to lift off and float above the world you normally inhabit, seeing everyone else go about their rush hour commute while you gracefully let the wind take you where it wants.

While I'm on the point of having the wind as your navigator I will add that one morning at my desk there was much commotion at the window when a bright red swathe of silk was seen floating in Port Phillip Bay after one of these balloons made an unexpected water landing. Evidently the baskets float and everyone was unharmed - not only did they get a city flyover that morning, they also enjoyed a nice sail in the bay. Bonus!

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