Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Pile 'em on baby

If you were to canvass my family and those close to me and asked them to describe my fingers, they would invariably use words like 'short' and 'stumpy'. Yes, charming aren't they?

Just as I've always wanted to exchange my curly hair for straight, my ability to write for the gift of drawing, and my joy for cooking for a joy of running, my eye has always been drawn to long, slender fingers.

Let's throw caution to the wind and let me fill my fingers, base to middle knuckle with silver, gold, gems and shiny things. Chunky rings and stacks of metal for me, thank you.

Clockwise from top left
Mixed Silver Hammered Stacking Rings by Esoterica Bazaar
Going in Circles Sterling Stacking Ring by Hannah Naomi
Sterling Gem Stack by Metalicious
Luminous Stacking Rings Sterling Silver Gemstone by Kirra Ferrer

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