Thursday, February 03, 2011

11pm, suburban Sydney

You had me holding on,
all of the time in place.
Ride out the wave.
Bury yourself away;
the one and only face.
Ride out the wave.

King of Leon, 'The Face', Come Around Sundown, 2011

OK, so what I hope to do with these posts is to share some of my favourite music and perhaps introduce you to artists you may not have heard  before. The Kings of Leon don't really count as their music plays everywhere, but this is also about sharing some beautiful lyrics.

It's also about sentiments as I have long used music as therapy and am relying heavily on it at the moment to get me through some tough times. This song is pertinent as it's about a girl, two cities and an ultimatum - oh how I would love to be offered Tennessee right now...

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