Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just put fingers to keyboard and start dammit!

Last night, this was going to be a post about randomly coming across something on the internet that changes the course of a person's efforts and interests.

You know how it can happen, one moment you're reading the news online when a picture of a shiny macaron takes your fancy and next thing you know egg yolks are the devil's food, the kitchen counters are covered in icing sugar and you're having trouble fitting into your jeans because you can't just let good food go to waste, right?

This blog post on Etsy really caught my interest and underlined some ideas I've been brewing for this year. Yet just as I was reading about the different forms of fear that stifle creativity, I carried out the most stupendous example of fear and apathy towards my ideas and saved this as a draft for later use. So let me go ahead now and embrace some of this advice and get my creative year under way.

After some time away from my blog in 2009, I decided that in 2010 I would explore newer and more positive ways of blogging. I made an effort to seek out beauty in the world around me, hence the many photographs and lyrics of my favourite songs. While that's something that brings me joy and I will no doubt keep doing, I've been toying with the idea of writing some posts that are short form fiction, as opposed to what's going on with my life. My inspiration is the America in Short blog, which honestly took my breath away months ago.

Well that's it, I've put it out there and now it's time to practice and deliver. Publish or be damned.

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