Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You're the cream in my caramel

My mum makes the best creme caramel in the world. Hands down. No challengers should attempt to better it.

In the absence of her and her amazing recipe at my home this weekend, I attempted it for the first time. I used a Donna Hay recipe which, in true Donna Hay style, was dependable on two fronts: it turned out exactly as the recipe said; and it was delicious because of its copious amounts of sugar and fat.

Faced with external competition, mum became somewhat skeptical of this unknown challenger.

Me: "I made creme caramel for dessert...in ceramic ramekins that I will turn out onto a plate to serve."
Mum: "Oh, I guess if they don't turn out you can eat them out of the pots with spoons."
Me: "Yeah, I guess..." (Crosses fingers, hopes for the best and takes plenty of pictures when they turn out beautifully.)

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