Thursday, November 11, 2010

Welcome random flowers of spring

As a result of the extensive house renovations of 18 months ago, the garden hasn't yet completely recovered. Some of the plants in the backyard managed to survive relatively unscathed and the ratio of lawn to weeds in the back is still in the favour of grass so that's a plus. I won't go into the state of the front yard, there's no point even talking about it.

So, while standing on my back deck last night, enjoying the warm afternoon and chatting to mum on the phone I noticed two gorgeous (tiny) flowers growing out of pots that I thought were empty. Needless to say they were promptly harvested, mid sentence, and put in a (tiny) glass jar for the side table in my lounge.
I love that they look like some clever person took to them with a pink marker and I especially love that they were a huge (tiny) surprise in my miraculous-in-its-neglect backyard.

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