Friday, October 15, 2010

11am, Melbourne CBD

Feeling a bit cranky today.

Fat drops of frigid, wind driven rain are snaking their way down the window, 
adding a soggy filter to a grey cityscape that never really stood a chance today. 
My mind is full of woollen socks, warm baked muffins, 
hot soup and stinging whisky to heat the lungs. 
Pack your sunglasses away people; save your sunscreen for another day. 
Unwrap your winter clothes. 
Ha ha, we got you. 
We lured you with sunshine to punish you with sleet. 
Celebrate it. 
We need the rain.* 

* Australia has suffered greatly at the hands of a bastardly drought over the past few years. That drought has more or less broken in most of the country but the sense of it is still carried by many people who frequently proclaim "we need the rain". Melbourne has had one of its wettest winters ever and we're in the midst of a wretchedly wet and cold spring. We've had the rain. Let's stop wishing for it and glossing over its inconvenience with trite assertions that "we need the rain". I could frankly do without it for a couple of months.

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