Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heaven is Burberry

It is safe to say that if money was no object, a large portion of my wardrobe, indeed perhaps the majority, would be Burberry.

Check out the above pieces from their spring 2011 ready to wear show in London this week - I would wear every single one of those threads right now if I could, they're right up my alley.

There's something about Burberry that has always held my interest despite its tartan being one of the most copied in counterfeit operations around the world. Like some of the other luxury houses, I like that it has a rich history (in Burberry's case that of making trench coats for troops) that's been extrapolated into high fashion so many generations into the future.

I have acquired three Burberry pieces over the years: an umbrella that is now threadbare and no longer completely watertight; a scarf that's so early 90s I'm waiting for it to become vintage; and an A-line trench coat bought on holiday in Spain that I save for special outfits but should really enjoy it more often.

As my funds unfortunately don't extend to the pieces above, what I will take out of Christopher Bailey's new collection is that I will look to incorporate citrus-coloured accessories in my outfits and I really should try out that dark fuschia tone in one way or another.

Dream big, start small.

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