Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ooh la la, regardez mon macarons

Last month, to commemorate Bastille Day, I decided to bake some macarons. Not macaroons, replete with coconut and needing almost no skill; I wanted to do perfect French macarons, little bundles of sweetness that are about as complicated and difficult as a cookie can get.
For guidance and advice I used the amazing blow-by-blow instructions at Syrup & Tang, which are an absolute must for anyone wanting to learn, let alone attempt, to make a batch of these so simple but so damn difficult sweets.

This wasn't the first time I'd made macarons and it turns out previous experience doesn't make it any less challenging. This time around I used hazelnut meal (hence the spotty appearance) and filled them with blood orange marmalade.

And just in case you were deceived by the photo above, in all its heavily-filtered and styled glory, to think that they were perfect, behold the full batch below.
If you enjoy baking and spending time in the kitchen, they're certainly worth a try and you'll get a huge kick out of seeing them form the frilly 'feet' as they rise in the oven. 

If cooking's not for you, Syrup & Tang is a good calorie-free accompaniment to a cup of tea  as it's wonderfully written, thoroughly researched and always interesting.

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