Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A weekend afternoon's trip down Hosier Lane

One year in high school my Geography class was assigned a project about the urban environment. From memory we were allowed a fairly wide range of topics and I chose to report and analyse the various forms of graffiti around Sydney.

In the name of learning I spent my time seeking out graffiti and photographing it. At the time I also had Run DMC, Salt n Pepa and the Beastie Boys on high rotation. (As I remember it, I also tried to design a 'tag' for myself but as I've never been particularly arty, the effort was wasted.)

I no longer have the photos from that project of mine although I did hold on to an appreciation of graffiti in many forms. As a 14-year-old I would have been beside myself to come across Melbourne's Hosier Lane (above and below).

It's brighter and more chaotic than these photos represent and it's incredibly easy to lose track of time as you stand back and take in the always evolving creativity and talent sprayed on the walls.

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