Friday, July 02, 2010

A sugary, sparkling sensation

I'm not the most regular of bloggers am I? That's very annoying and something I hope to fix soon. It's not that I don't blog, I do. Posts get written and loaded but then I fail to find a quiet time devoid of distractions to make the final touches and edits.

Having said that, allow me to now show you the most amazing cupcake I had just yesterday. Until this gorgeous confection was presented to me at a colleague's baby shower, I had no idea edible glitter existed in this world.
It filled me with wonder and questions at first sight.

- Is it the same as craft glitter, only smaller?
- Would it be crunchy?
- Would it stick to my teeth after eating?
- Is it toxic if eaten in large quantities?
- How do they get such an even covering over the icing? Does it come with a tiny sieve for dusting?

No doubt the high resulting from my consumption of this mound of butter and sugar caused me to deliberate on the glitter more than a normal person otherwise would. After all, how interesting can glitter get?

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