Thursday, May 06, 2010

Totally maxi(ed) out

There’s something romantic about a maxi dress or skirt. Maybe it’s the swishing of fabric or the fact that certain parts of the body are left to the imagination. They’re definitely dramatic if somewhat impractical – let’s face it, with all that fabric around the ankles, a quick getaway is certainly not on the cards.

I must say I wasn’t sold on the maxi dress during summer, mostly because I don’t really like wearing prints and the thought of six metres of pink and green palm trees didn’t appeal. With the weather turning cooler I have suddenly found that the grey hooded maxi dress I bought at the height of summer (and didn’t wear) is actually perfect for an autumn day when worn with a black ballet wrap top and flat boots.

And then I came across a feature on about the continuing maxi trend and realised I can see myself in any of these three looks (although I could do without the hat and overcoat on the first one.) The romance may have only just begun…

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