Monday, May 24, 2010

The story of two chairs

They took well over a month to complete from the time the first chalk mark was made and I (under)estimate about 24 hours of actual sewing, cutting, unpicking, swearing, and the occasional cry session but they're finally done.

I may never know exactly what possessed me to think I could upholster two chairs but am thankful for the determination that helped me finish them. The real shame of it all is that I didn't take a 'before' shot so you could see them in all their scratched-timber-and-green-velvet former glory.
It is possible they've ruined sewing for me, for good. Every time I've thought about my machine in the last 24 hours since reaching the metaphorical summit of my metaphorical Everest, I get a little sick and repulsed. It's in the cupboard and I'm afraid my lovely custom chairs won't be getting lovely custom cushions for a while. Not until the memories fade.

One thing I learnt though: next time I upholster a piece of furniture it will be something that can take a staple gun.


Maria said...

Having done mad things with refurbishing old furniture (my french polishing craze and weaving with rattan come to mind), there does come a point where you the frustration dies and there is a sense of satisfaction.

Then, of course, comes the next mad idea... ;o)

PJ said...

Oh that's right, I remember you telling me about your french polishing 'moment'.

I actually already have the next chair waiting. It's in Sydney but it's more of a cafe chair and I'm definitely using the staple gun on that!