Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A picture tells a thousand words

So if you've been reading this blog of late you will know a couple of things about me, one of which is that I have an affinity to hanging things - many things - on my walls.

I've always wanted a wall replete with frames of varying content but have never been too sure of how to go about it. The obsessive compulsive side of me wants them all the same size, same colour, same tone; but the creative side of me wants a lovely, though still harmonious jumble of frames, photographs and mixed media, and to hell with uniformity and perfectly spaced-out gaps.


You can imagine my joy when I happened upon the work of Samantha Pynn, interior decorator. It seems that among designing classic modern American interiors in the style of everything I've ever coveted, one of her seemingly signature 'things' is the wall of frames. The examples above haven't helped me make up my mind but they sure made my eyeballs happy and her website is full of examples of her amazing work...

...like the following. I don't know who Michelle and Chad are but the following pictures are of their dining room and office. They look like my dream rooms so I dearly hope Michelle and Chad don't mind houseguests because I'm moving in.

(Via Everything Fabulous)

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