Friday, May 21, 2010

5pm, Brighton Road, St Kilda

When I was a little girl, my dad was a huge Formula 1 fan. I had my own little pedal racing car that I used to ride down my grandmother's driveway. I was also a bit lazy so I'd only ride it on the downhill.

I still love cars, motor racing and most things with engines in them - it's not necessarily a 'girl thing' but it suits me fine, thank you very much.
When I sit in traffic, I wonder about people in the cars around me.

Why do drivers pick their noses like nobody's watching?
Why is a young girl in a Suzuki Jimny listening to Bette Midler at full volume?
Why are there so many Ford Territories in my suburb? Is it because they're a breeder's car of choice?
Why do all Mitsubishi Magna and Toyota Camry people drive the same way - badly?
Does the guy who commutes to work in his orange Lamborghini Murcielago enjoy his morning ride as much as I enjoy seeing him pass me by?
Am I the only woman who truly puts the lipstick and mascara down once the lights turn green?
How do people manage to drive in traffic and drink hot beverages out of ceramic mugs?

So many questions, so few answers.

(Image: That's my car right there!)

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Dan Michael said...

Time for a new car. =)