Thursday, April 01, 2010

Many happy returns

OK, so I'm back. It's been so many months since I visited this place and I'm glad to be back. It's likely I have no readers - and this exercise is now the equivalent of talking to myself - but it feels right and that's what matters.
Much water has flowed under my bridge since the last post and I find myself here today a couple of sizes lighter, with thicker skin and a remarkably darker hair colour borne of the need for catharsis. So I'm definitely not the same girl but not too different, if that makes any sense. Let's call me the improved version.
So what have I been up to? Let me give you an illustrated summary.
I built a house; an unprecedented major undertaking that literally changes everything about you as a person.

I've been taking lots of time out, which turns into lots of opportunities to capture photos of sunsets.
Went on a wild adventure to the Victorian Alps during Melbourne's 'Storm of the Century' in March. (That lovely cloud nestled in the mountains turned out to be the most horrendous fog and I had to drive through it on a single lane, cliff-face mountain road!)
And I've been learning how to play Punch Buggy, although I count the new VW bugs, which apparently is not the done thing.

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