Thursday, April 08, 2010

The long and complicated story of a box of tiles

Technically, this post has been 11 years in the making. You see, back in 1999 my beau and I went on an amazing vacation to Europe - a big road trip that took in France, Spain and Portugal.

As tourists are wont to do we bought lots of goodies along the way, including these hand painted Portuguese tiles. We carried them with us through Spain and France and managed to check them in our luggage without incurring excess baggage fees. This was mostly because we were both sick with food poisoning and I was at the check in counter crying "please let me go home." Pretty sure the clerk couldn't handle the tears and decided to overlook the fact we were horribly over the weight limit.

Anyway, the tiles have lived in their box since then and, as we have a penchant for changing houses like people change cars, we could never really commit to piecing them together. After having to move them five times in the last decade, they now have a home and are looking lovely over the barbeque. They also have a purpose in that they act as a splashback for any splatters from the grill.

The really cool thing is that they're mounted on a frame so when we get itchy feet and decide to move again, we can take them with us and keep our European road trip memories alive. Genius!

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