Thursday, July 23, 2009

Open letter to Eddie Vedder & Pearl Jam

Dear Eddie,

For longer than I care to remember, every time I hear Pearl Jam are back in the studio my heart does a little leap of excitement. Usually I manage to hold on to that excitement until some random seconds into the long awaited song when my heart breaks and I go into mourning again.

During that blissful time I remember sitting slack jawed in my room for a whole afternoon listening to Ten so many years ago. Letting your moody, broody voice that blew me away in the Temple of the Dog album create ripples in my post-teenage angst.

And so it is that I ask, for the billionth time since you decided you wanted to become Neil Young’s doppelganger, what’s up with your new single? Thankfully it doesn’t sound like I need to be barefoot with a tambourine in a picket line to enjoy it, but something’s off. Have you been hanging out with Rob Thomas? Are you short on money and therefore needed to write something that is so instantly radio friendly that I’m over it before it gets to the predictable bridge? Did you really need to use Sha-la-la

Maybe you’ve become like U2, happy and settled in life and lacking in the emotional, existential and often drug-fuelled tension that fuels good music. Maybe you’ve grown up and I haven’t. Maybe it’s not you, it’s me…

Maybe I’ll just go listen to your early stuff, piece my heart together again, wait for the new album and avoid commercial radio for a while. I can feel my hope lifting again. Please don’t let me down.


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