Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jumping for joy

Things are getting seriously weird in the wardrobe of my mind. You see, I have a physical wardrobe and a mental one. My physical wardrobe is one of a corporate girl who can get away without wearing suits and can explore some trends without getting fired. My mental wardrobe is that of a mid-twenties lunatic with an equal parts penchant for ghetto, hobo, rock chic, goth, preppy and Chanel.

Sometimes, after careful deliberation and research, items will make it from my mental to my physical wardrobe. Like my harem pants; it took me months to buy a pair that I could wear to work yet still feel like I was doing something fashion forward (although by the time I got them they were just on the cusp of mainstream so they didn’t end up being as edgy as my mind imagined them.)

An item that I feel is just about to burst forth into reality is a jumpsuit. I know it sounds terribly 1980s but there’s something very appealing to me about a single texture top to bottom. The margin for error is enormous: if it’s too long in the crotch you get a baggy butt, too short and you’re in camel toe trouble. Plus you run the risk of looking like you’re wearing pyjamas. Then there’s the inconvenience of having to practically strip naked to go to the toilet.

The odds are certainly stacked against it but still it keeps coming to the fore of my mental wardrobe. As I write this I am going through my jewellery and looking through my jackets working out what I’d wear with the jumpsuit. It’s looking promising. My friend Lisa would certainly not agree.


delamare said...

Maybe it's because I was a bright young 20-something girl about town with a perm and big earrings back in the 1980s, but I look at a jumpsuit and scream in terror. You see, the 1980s version was just so ...wrong ... even then.

The thing I live in greatest fear of though is the revival of the cord stirrup pant. Don't go there girlfriend. I fear it even more than the immediate return of the shoulder pad.

Dan said...

OMG you are one slight step to the right away from Happy Pants!

Thanks for working camel toe into a decent sentence though, that was a good laugh.