Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trenery: We've been down this Country Road before

Country Road today unveiled a new brand, to be sold in new stores, targeted at an over 40 clientele. Intrigued by the premise of a new feature in the chain store market, I clocked through the image gallery and came out highly confused and with more questions than answers.

How is this different from what Country Road do now? Why did they use models that are barely 30, let alone 40? Why are there so many shorts in their range when (a) it's winter right now and (b) very few people over 40 can pull off shorts? What's with the white pants and the tie waists? Is this their version of retirement chic? Is this their way of cutting garments to cater for larger sizes (they'll apparently stock up to size 18)?

I have to admit that I've enjoyed Country Road's resurgence over the last few years; with the exception of a couple of seasons in 2007-08, they're always guaranteed to have a little something for me when I visit. At first it made me feel old but now I realise they give good, affordable silk so I'm sold.

I'm sure Trenery will end up having some nice pieces and I may have already added a couple of pieces from their launch collection to my mind's wardrobe but I'm afraid their obvious marketing as an over 40 range is going to keep me away for a while. Jus as I sometimes don't look at the size of a garment because I want to focus on the fit, I don't need a store reminding me the I'm getting old - that's just no fun now is it?

Photo credit: The Age

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