Monday, May 18, 2009

A tribute to Tributes

Maybe it’s because I have freakishly fat calf muscles that make wearing knee high boots nigh on impossible, or maybe it’s because I’m going through a very obvious cartoonish phase with my outfits, but I am in deep, sexy love with the YSL Tribute booties.

They look unwearable; are exaggerated to the point of ridicule; would possibly endanger my ankles, yet endear me to my chiropractor; would look completely out of place in my corporate office. All this I know – yet they still call my name.

Of course, like any trend, once you’ve seen it a million times on the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Kylie Minogue (who wore them to walk her enormous dog…on cobblestones, natch) and Rihanna, you know it’s been whored beyond belief, even before the copies start landing at your nearest Shoo Biz outlet.

Determined to not join the long list of starlets, lanky teenagers on wobbly heels, and the woman in my office building who inexplicably wears hers with a very bland, brown skirt suit, I went out this weekend and purchased a pair of booties that I find just as fabulous. The grey suede means every wear needs planning and an assessment of the meteorological forecast, but they make me feel like Wonder Woman, which is what I realised attracted me to the Tributes in the first place.

Mission accomplished.

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