Monday, May 11, 2009

It's an insightful and irritating news day today

Here's what a person can learn by reading the various news outlets today:

>> Australians are getting fatter and deluded in the process;
>> People are now losing their jobs at the hands (beaks?) of parrots;
>> Kate Winslet has found a way to be more annoying than she already is;
>> If you can't get a seat on a train, there will be another service soon, you don't have to ride the actual carriage;
>> We're in for more excruciatingly long Hobbit tales that people no longer care about;
>> People are freaking out at TomKat's rumoured arrival Down Under; and
>> We're dismissing drugs but naming cutting (because that's better...) as Angelina Jolie's latest affliction.

Happy reading.

Photo credit: The Daily Telegraph

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