Monday, April 20, 2009

Porsche Panamera: Look out for it…in China?

It seems if you’re Australian, interested in cars and wanting to go to a real motor show, you need to be booking yourself a flight overseas to see something (anything!) interesting.

Melbourne hosts what is arguably Australia’s premier motor show in March each year. Sydney also has one later in the year, which they, in all their inflated self importance, promote as the best. But they would, because it’s Sydney and we’re used to the pompousness.

Anyway, after two years of lacklustre shows in Melbourne I thought my luck was about to change when I noticed a huge billboard at the Porsche stand advertising the new Panamera. After doing a double loop of the stand, pushing some kiddies aside and asking an attendant I was told that no, there was no Panamera for me to see, just the poster. That was just the first disappointment of the night and I won’t re-live it here and drag you through it.

Three short weeks later however and the mysterious Panamera has finally materialised…in China! Apparently that’s one of Porsche’s markets of focus at the moment. Who knew?

Photo credit: NY Times

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