Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello again, remember me?

Hard to believe it’s been two and a half years since I last posted on this blog and the time is now right (or is it ripe?) for me to take it back up again.

A lot has happened since my last, illustrious post on this platform and while I thoroughly enjoyed blogging with others, I also like the freedom of independence, so here I go again.

To start with, let me fill you in on what’s happened to me in 30 months.
· Sold a house, bought a house, built a new house (I really should hold on to real estate a bit longer)
· Lived in a garage for four months (see above)
· Changed jobs – happily – a couple of times
· Caught up with two long lost and very dear friends

Some things, however, haven’t changed and here they are.
· Still mad about music – too mad sometimes
· Still spend too much – often ill advised – money on face, hair, body products
· Still living and loving in Melbourne
· Still haven’t taken a big trip since 2005 and getting itchy
· Still love social media in all its incarnations

Actually, it is my love of social media that prompted me to take up writing this blog again. I am a recent Twitter convert and while I’ve taken to it like a duck to water; it’s given me the writing bug back.

So, if you’re new to Cute When Frustrated, check out the archives and experience the randomness. If you’ve been here before, thanks for coming back, you are very dear to me.


Dan Michael said...


She's back!

Love ya work.


PJ said...

Hey, I recognise that photo. That's gotta be the one you used for your 'sketchy' profile pic on tweets right?

Dan Michael said...

Yup! It's linked to my Uni blog which is a closed to students only so it popped up without me realising it. Cool huh?