Thursday, April 30, 2009

Great online discoveries: The Sartorialist

Um, excuse me, how is it that I didn't discover The Sartorialist until this week?

I spend more money that I care to count on fashion magazines, more time than I care to tally on fashion websites, and more brain power than I care to admit planning what to buy and how to wear it.

Realistically, I am nowhere near the level of fashionista that graces the lens of The Sartorialist and am so obviously completely behind the curve on this that I may as well still be wearing Hypercolour 'Choose Life' t-shirts and blow drying my hair like George Michael's before I learnt what gay really meant. (As an aside, I picked up a t-shirt in my desired colour of grey-blue at American Apparel last week and nearly gagged in shock upon discovering it was 2009!)

Anyway, this is a seriously good blog - like people watching without having to venture out among the unwashed, badly dressed masses in search of a shiny beacon of fashion inspiration. This guy is out there sifting through that for us and delivering it so wonderfully composed right to our computer. Genius.


Dan Michael said...

Wow, he is good! What gorgeous pics.

delamare said...

Snap - I've just discovered it too! I think it was via Girl With A Satchel. Love it. Lots. And so great to see you back blogging!